Tira History Lesson


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    Tira History Lesson

    Post  Eiserne_Drossel on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:29 pm

    Name: Tira
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Birth Date: Unknown
    Blood Type: AB
    Weapon: Ring Blade
    Weapon Name: Eiserne Drossel IV (Aiselne Drossel III)
    Discipline: Dance of Death
    First Apperance: SCIII
    Family: N/A, but now accompanied by watchers

    From birth, Tira was manipulated to be an assassin for the European organization Bird of Passage. Captivated by the aura of death, this manifested her into a blood thirsty fiend. She effortlessly, and enthusiastically took lives of those with power. Her reign of terror halted, but did not die, when the organization fell. She was forced to live her life among those whom she was use to seeing covered in a heavy blanket of death. She made her way into the home of a foster family, who took her in, as one of their own. The love and warmth this family provided could not cleanse the corrupt soul of the savage being. Though she had tried, she could never truly be normal. Her mind had been plagued with death for so long, the changes are irreversible, and the idea of normality impossible. Tira had been deprived of killing for far too long, so long, it became a lust, and in her mind, a need. She desperately sought any degree of pain, until she snapped. The lust and need for causing harm took over her mind, killing the only thing she had to a family. She did not care of what she had done, for her eyes only saw reminiscence’s of the lives in the same position. From that day, she sent more innocent lives to the forgotten realm of oblivion, forever doomed to despair. It wasn’t until she heard of Nightmare, a being whom she saw as a mirror image of herself. She pledged loyalty to the cursed sword, and its wielder. She collected souls like instructed, causing massacre, pain, and suffering left behind a trail of blood. When the sword of salvation clashed with the sword of despair, Tira's mind broke. Her emotions shattered, but tried to piece them self together. When all was done, she was left extreme. For her, there is no kinda happy, or sorta sad. Just simply, happy, or sad, no area to combine emotions. She became distraught after the battle, and did what her new, damaged mind told her to do. She looked high and low until she found her master. To little surprise, her lord was in the chambers of Ostrheinsburg. Her encounter with Nightmare ignited something. The degree and magnitude of Soul Edge's power was that of anything else before it. The darkness the blade emitted created a feeling. For once, in what seemed like an eternity, Tira felt. Her unstable mind was unable to fully process the sensation the blade provided, and she became infatuated with it. She wanted more of this feeling. This uncontrollable desire for a stable feeling drives her to the battlefield. Whatever will bring her closer, and her king closer to victory, she will do. She knows, that if her master wins, then she does, but on a much larger scale. The fires that will spread throughout the world will not stop. For if they did, she would loose that feeling, causing her to once again rise, and kill until the inferno bliss is once again restored. But that day has yet to come. She now, more than ever, needs to accomplish every given task. She cannot afford to fail, there is no way to achieve victory, and her still falter. More lives will be sacrificed, but not just any lives, the souls who show exponential strength will be unfortunate enough to make contact with her blade. The rebirth of Soul Edge must make Hades himself shake. Weak souls will only prolong the rise of her king, power is what is needed. The weak will die eventually, when the cursed sword achieves power second to none. With the ambition of her master, and power her own mind has over her, she sets fourth, ready to steel the lives of those worthy enough to aid in the conquest of Soul Edge, and destroy the holy sword, Soul Calibur, in the most catastrophic way imaginable.

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