Yun Seong history leason


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    Yun Seong history leason

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    Birthplace Jirisan, Korea
    Birthdate April 16, 1573
    Age 18 (Soulcalibur II-Soulcalibur IV)
    Blood type O
    Weapon Chinese Sword
    Weapon name White Storm
    Fighting style Seong Style longsword + Natural Footwork
    Family Father, taken by sickness
    Mother, whereabouts unknown
    Master, Seong Han-myeong
    Appears in Soulcalibur II
    Soulcalibur III
    Soulcalibur IV
    First game Soulcalibur II
    Yun-seong was well-known in the famous Seong Dojang for his swordsmanship, especially by his seniors, including his master and head of the dojang, Seong Han-myeong. As a child, Yun-seong had idolized Hwang Seong-gyeong, but now he was no longer a personal hero, but a goal to surpass. Yun-seong wished more than anything to challenge him to a duel. One day, news reached the Seong Dojang that Hwang was returning from his long journey. Yun-seong saw this as the perfect opportunity to force him to acknowledge his fighting skills, personally entertaining the idea of becoming stronger than his former hero all along. However, his challenge was rejected as Hwang was more occupied with attempting to rejoin the military to help defend Korea in the impending invasion by Japan. Seong Mi-na, daughter of the dojang's owner, saw this brooding student of her father bitterly angry on account of the rejection of his challenge and handed him a Seong family heirloom: the dao White Storm that, according to legend, possessed the ability to reflect the innermost thoughts of those who wielded the blade. That night, Yun-seong studied the image of himself in the dao and reflected, leading him to the self-realizations that it was foolish to challenge Hwang for personal reasons as Korea was in a state of peril and that if he could obtain the "Sword of Salvation" that Hwang had failed to find, Yun-seong would finally be recognized and his challenge would be accepted. He immediately packed his belongings, took the dao, and left the dojang in pursuit of the "Sword of Salvation", unaware that Seong Mi-na would soon embark on a journey to bring him back home.

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